dearest all,
As of the beginning of June 2011, I am no longer posting to this blog. It will stand as a record of my time in Iceland, sure, but if you want something that is getting updated, head on over to the small blue cat.

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dearest all,
the joint exhibition at korpulfsstadir went very well- good turnout for a relatively remote location, and we got really positive feedback. that might just mean that there are a lot of nice people, but i like to think that it actually was good. [nothing against nice people.]
the space; large, dark.


dearest all,
i'm not usually the boasting sort, but, my girlfriend just won a pretty awesome and prestigious award for her senior show; sp  a  c e.
i can't say that i was surprised, but i can say that i am incredibly excited.
congratulations, jean, you are pretty darn swell.
if you are curious about the show, you can see these most excellent etchings come to life on her blog; the dirty cabinet. i'd recommend you check it out, and if you see jean around, i'd recommend a big old high five. and a hug. and maybe a head massage, if you are any good at that sort of thing.
with more enthusiastic regards than usual,

undur og ógnir

undur og ógnir,

upcoming exhibition

dearest all,
i know that very few of you will actually be able to make it to this exhibition, especially with such short notice, but i think it is going to be a good one.

with warmest regards,

more of the peninsula

dearest all,
in this post there is more of the strange peninsula. chiefly the second day of the one-and-one-half day trip. i hope that you enjoy this list of photos.
a bit of sun. you can rest assured that it was bracketed by rain and hail

snæfellsnes. the re-realization that i am not in ohio

dearest all,
it has been some time since i've last had anything interesting to share with you. the last few weeks have been chiefly dedicated to a single slow moving project, and that doesn't lend itself to very good stories of adventure. [unless of course, you like very boring adventures.]

a cairn silhouetted against a curious sky.

but, i just got back from a trip out into the weirdness of iceland, a trip that i was not expecting, but am hugely glad to have been a part of. we travelled to snæfellsnes, a fancy peninsula on the west coast of iceland. read on for more photos, and maybe a story or two.

the dead. and the dying.

i went to the cemetery yesterday, thinking that it would be a peaceful place to go. a place to collect my thoughts. i wasn't exactly right, but not wrong either. [also, some new work that will probably be ruined eventually.]