dearest all,
As of the beginning of June 2011, I am no longer posting to this blog. It will stand as a record of my time in Iceland, sure, but if you want something that is getting updated, head on over to the small blue cat.

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Dearest All,

I'm back home. Glad to be home, too. I was sad to leave, certainly- Iceland is a beautiful place with many delightful people. The sadness of departure was overridden by the gratefulness that it happened at all.


dearest all,
over the weekend, i had a chance to get out of town for a day.
we went to hverigerði, just east of reykjavik, where there is a lot of geothermal activity.
after a hike, we spent a nice evening soaking in a warm/hot stream.

pretty nifty colors, eh?

same place, different time

dearest all,

i have been periodically taking pictures out the studio window, and thought i might share a few of these with you.

the catfood factory

dearest all,
i've been talking about a catfood factory for a little while now, always complaining about how big and tedious it is.
bark bark bark
i figure it is about time to show a little of what the catfood factory is, and so that you can imagine what it could be. [assuming there are no explosions in the kiln, or accidental drops on the stairs or some other readily available accident.

if the world vanished, would we notice?

dearest all,
it has been a while. i've been busy. there was an exhibition a week ago, and since i've been working like a badger. nearly the entire population at the residency is new, leaving me feeling a little odd, but change is good, they say, so i guess that means all is well.
jimmy and katie- best title ever.
title is in reference to the royal wedding, naturally


dearest all,
the joint exhibition at korpulfsstadir went very well- good turnout for a relatively remote location, and we got really positive feedback. that might just mean that there are a lot of nice people, but i like to think that it actually was good. [nothing against nice people.]
the space; large, dark.


dearest all,
i'm not usually the boasting sort, but, my girlfriend just won a pretty awesome and prestigious award for her senior show; sp  a  c e.
i can't say that i was surprised, but i can say that i am incredibly excited.
congratulations, jean, you are pretty darn swell.
if you are curious about the show, you can see these most excellent etchings come to life on her blog; the dirty cabinet. i'd recommend you check it out, and if you see jean around, i'd recommend a big old high five. and a hug. and maybe a head massage, if you are any good at that sort of thing.
with more enthusiastic regards than usual,