dearest all,
As of the beginning of June 2011, I am no longer posting to this blog. It will stand as a record of my time in Iceland, sure, but if you want something that is getting updated, head on over to the small blue cat.

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dearest all, i present: groceries.
no eggs in here, just some loose change. i rather like
how it looks though.

i was supposed to take my camera with me to the shop, but i was already halfway there when i remembered this. so i have a catalogue of my groceries. as they are on the dining room table. it is not anything too exciting. -pretty basic stuff, really, but they are fun words to try to pronounce.
brauðostur - bread cheese, roughly.

sparskinka - saving ham. whatever that means.
euro shopper has pretty consistent packaging, but it is
great how there are a whole bunch of languages on it.
bónus is supposedly the cheapest grocery store.
you can tell by the smirky weird pig
it is nice to have a bit of food. i had run out of most things. this ought to hold me for a day or two.
muu mjolk, yum.

i bet you can guess what this one is.

smjör, butter, lube, schmeer, call it what you want
 [absolutely excellent]
there are actually some eggs in this carton, which is handy
so there is that. now, i have a few more of these distressed people wall pieces, goat ears, who you have seen:
with attached ears now, which is a good thing
the other pieces are sitting in a kiln right now, soon to be fired. hopefully they'll be out in time for an exhibition. [fingers crossed.]
here is one that you haven't seen before, nasty swollen boils face. gross gross gross. this one was unplanned, happened quite on its own, but fits in pretty well, thematically with the others. happy day.
 and here are a few extras- fir the kids, y'know...
foxmask sans wearer. this one is a bit larger, and a but crueler.
not part of the series, i don't think
and finally the view from my slanty slanty window. pretty cool, right?
well, that is all for now,
warmest regards, as usual,

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  1. awesome update. I hope you have a great week and enjoy your muu mjolk!